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Microsoft 365

Our experts make migrating to Microsoft 365 fast, easy and safe.

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Why should we trust Application Technology with our Microsoft 365 migration?
As a Microsoft Partner, Application Technology has the experience of previous high-quality migrations. We have successfully migrated Businesses, Government Offices and Non-Profits to Office 365, from on premises Exchange Servers to POP and IMAP mailboxes. We have clients throughout South Africa and abroad, including the UK and Mauritius. Our volume of Microsoft sales, allows us to offer you great prices on Office 365 subscriptions, saving your business money.
Is there a minimum number of users that we need to migrate in order to use your services?
There is no minimum. We can manage the migration even if it’s just for 1 user.

How soon can we finish migrating to Microsoft 365?
This depends on your requirements in terms of Microsoft 365. Your data, connection choices as well as the timing inside your business. A project will normally run over a single weekend. This migration project can start as soon as everything is in place, including licensing, infrastructure and planning.

Will there be any downtime?
Our experienced engineers will perform the required steps to ensure a zero-downtime migration. In order to successfully migrate your data as well as reconfigure your end-user machines and servers there will be some service interruption. This can be done after hours to ensure minimal business impact. Our migrations ensure constant email uptime with no loss of email communication either inbound or outbound, ensuring your clients can always be in touch with your business.

Why shouldn’t we just use our internal IT team to handle the migration?
In today’s world, down time in your business can cause a loss of income or clients or even worse,  loss of a good reputation.  We understand that this is a risk that you can’t afford to take. With our expertise, we will assist you in ensuring a seamless move to Microsoft 365. We will work with you every step of the way and are happy to work with or without your internal IT team on the project.

What email systems do you migrate to Microsoft 365?
We can work with data from virtually any POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange email Servers. This includes Google and many mail services and includes hosted and on-premise servers. We are also able to migrate from less common systems as long as they support Data Export, IMAP, POP or ActiveSync protocols.

What happens to the data in the old system?
No data is deleted from the source system or from Outlook. Our migration methodology offers you the option of archiving your data locally or copying data to Microsoft 365. This is offered globally across your organization or can be customised per user.

Is there work before the project begins?
There is much work to be done before the project begins in order to ensure a smooth and effective project execution.
Firstly Microsoft 365 is a collection of products and services from Microsoft. We would need to work with you in order to assist you in choosing the right products for your needs. Once this is done, we need to assist you to choose the correct licensing and payment options for your business.
After a thorough investigation of your existing infrastructure, we need to discuss options around connecting to Microsoft 365.
We will draw up a migration project plan with you, including timelines, what data needs to be migrated to Microsoft 365, and how the new systems will be implemented.
There are many factors to be examined and explored in order to draw up an Microsoft 365 migration plan that allows a seamless move to Microsoft 365.
Our experience has enabled us to ensure a smooth experience for our customers.

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