• Is your IT System Maintained?

    Just like your car, regular maintenance ensures smooth running, let us maintain your system.

Pro-active maintenance of our client’s IT infrastructure is the best way to avoid frustrating IT problems, unnecessary downtime and IT disasters. Application Technology services all the technical aspects of your business on a continual basis to maintain the best functionality of your equipment and overall IT environment.

Just like taking your car for a service is the best way to keep it in tip-top shape, maintenance of your computers keeps them in peak condition and results in a dramatic reduction of computer problems.

Application Technology also provides a complete solution for the maintenance and upkeep of the overall performance of each server and workstation (PC, Laptop and Desktop) in your business, ensuring their proper functionality and seamless operation at all times.

    • Automated Desktop Optimization
    • HDD Maintenance
    • User Account Administration
    • Software Patch Management
    • Log File Maintenance

IT Maintenance

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