A company’s critical data and files can be easily destroyed or lost in the event of unforeseen disasters. Your business can’t afford the financial loss and productivity downtime that can result from power outages, hardware failures, corrupted files and countless other probabilities.

Application Technology’s off-site cloud option for data backup gives you increased protection against any future data loss and gives you fast recovery. Our Cloud Backup Solutions provide multiple levels of encrypted backups over secure connections to our servers and because our cloud backup solutions are always ‘on’ they secure all of your data all of the time.

Cloud Backup
We have the ability to back servers, applications and workstations. All that is required is an Internet connection our software does the rest.
We have multiple offerings in place based on data size, frequency of backup required as well as data type required.

We offer one of the lowest price per GB in the industry and included in the price, our clients benefit from our multiple backup servers in various South African cities, offering unparalleled protection.

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