• Who's watching your IT Systems?

    Our systems monitor yours to alert us of both potential problems as well as current issues.

IT disasters are often the result of a build-up of issues which have consistently been left unattended. If the problem had been detected at its inception, it could probably have been avoided.
Keeping an eye on your entire infrastructure all of the time is not realistic. That’s why Application Technology has implemented technology which allows us to remotely monitor your IT environment on a 24 hour basis (Pc’s, servers, routers, networks, printers etc).

Our system allows us to manage your updates across the network on all machines as well as roll out tasks either across the network or to identified groups. In this way we are able to make the environment more secure and stable.
Monitoring can be performed from a remote location without the need for us to be on site at your premises. Using this tool we can update or alter the configuration of your machines either individually or via pre-defined groups. All of the above can take place as long as the PC/Laptop has an internet connection, it does not need to be in your office.
Our remote monitoring system alerts our technicians to a potential problem as soon as it begins to develop. The problem can then be effectively addressed before it becomes an IT disaster. With remote monitoring, problems are usually fixed before our clients even become aware of them.

    • Hard Drive Space
    • Event Log Monitoring
    • Anti-Virus Software
    • Updates
    • Internet Connections
    • Resource Usage


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