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Application Technology understands the importance of having a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as a vital component in every company’s IT.
The CTO applies his years of experience and expertise across the spectrum of IT concerns to manage the entire process of installation, maintenance and support in order to ensure the optimum functioning of a client’s IT environment.

The CTO will

    • Advise and guide you on the best technological strategies for your individual business needs
    • Link you with the latest in technological advancements and assist in incorporating these into your long-term business goals
    • Add ongoing value by assisting in planning and implementing your IT budget
    • Keep in regular contact with you for purposes of accountability and to address any concerns or queries that may come up
    • Current Technology Assessment
    • Monthly Interface Meeting
    • Quarterly Service Review
    • Backup Review
    • Hardware Life-cycle Management
    • Sensitive Data Review
    • Business Continuity Planning
Technology officer

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