IT Support

  • How will we support you?

    The Application Technology Team will investigate your company's unique technological requirements in order to give you the best and most cost-effective overall IT solution for your business.

The flawless operation of your IT environment is critical to maximizing the productivity and performance of your business. With our innovative remote support technology, we have the ability to access the complete desktop and server environment of our customers, allowing for unmatched levels of overall IT management. Remote support means our technicians are able to work on any problems that may arise in your environment without having to come to your place of business. They simply access your computer remotely in order to solve any technical issues as fast and efficiently as possible. This innovative technology allows for minimal downtime and the most uncomplicated means to IT problem resolution for your business.

    • IT Infrastructure Management
    • Server Maintenance and Support
    • Outsourced IT Technicians
    • Outsourced Chief Technical Officers (CTO)
    • Remote Support
    • Onsite Support
    • Desktop, Server, Network and Infrastructure Support


  • Is your IT System Maintained?

    Just like your car, regular maintenance ensures smooth running, let us maintain your system.

Pro-active maintenance of our client’s IT infrastructure is the best way to avoid frustrating IT problems, unnecessary downtime and IT disasters. Application Technology services all the technical aspects of your business on a continual basis to maintain the best functionality of your equipment and overall IT environment.

Just like taking your car for a service is the best way to keep it in tip-top shape, maintenance of your computers keeps them in peak condition and results in a dramatic reduction of computer problems.

Application Technology also provides a complete solution for the maintenance and upkeep of the overall performance of each server and workstation (PC, Laptop and Desktop) in your business, ensuring their proper functionality and seamless operation at all times.

    • Automated Desktop Optimization
    • HDD Maintenance
    • User Account Administration
    • Software Patch Management
    • Log File Maintenance

IT Maintenance


  • Who's watching your IT Systems?

    Our systems monitor yours to alert us of both potential problems as well as current issues.

IT disasters are often the result of a build-up of issues which have consistently been left unattended. If the problem had been detected at its inception, it could probably have been avoided.
Keeping an eye on your entire infrastructure all of the time is not realistic. That’s why Application Technology has implemented technology which allows us to remotely monitor your IT environment on a 24 hour basis (Pc’s, servers, routers, networks, printers etc).

Our system allows us to manage your updates across the network on all machines as well as roll out tasks either across the network or to identified groups. In this way we are able to make the environment more secure and stable.
Monitoring can be performed from a remote location without the need for us to be on site at your premises. Using this tool we can update or alter the configuration of your machines either individually or via pre-defined groups. All of the above can take place as long as the PC/Laptop has an internet connection, it does not need to be in your office.
Our remote monitoring system alerts our technicians to a potential problem as soon as it begins to develop. The problem can then be effectively addressed before it becomes an IT disaster. With remote monitoring, problems are usually fixed before our clients even become aware of them.

    • Hard Drive Space
    • Event Log Monitoring
    • Anti-Virus Software
    • Updates
    • Internet Connections
    • Resource Usage



  • Are you connected?

    A functional network is the backbone to all IT communication, let us assist you with yours.

The different IT components of your business need to work together seamlessly so that communication and productivity are never compromised.
From installation to upgrading, Application Technology will link all your Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks, creating a unified, glitch-free IT network for your business.

We manage your network both internal and external. Most often this is handled by a 3rd party supplier or even multiple 3rd party suppliers. In such a case we interface directly with these suppliers on your behalf. In that way when you have an IT problem, it is our responsibility to resolve.


    • Router Management
    • Firewall Management
    • VPN Management
    • ISP Management
    • Switch Management
    • Connectivity Management



Network Services


CTO Services

  • Who has both your business and your IT in mind?

    You understand your business, let us translate that into technology for you.

Application Technology understands the importance of having a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as a vital component in every company’s IT.
The CTO applies his years of experience and expertise across the spectrum of IT concerns to manage the entire process of installation, maintenance and support in order to ensure the optimum functioning of a client’s IT environment.

The CTO will

    • Advise and guide you on the best technological strategies for your individual business needs
    • Link you with the latest in technological advancements and assist in incorporating these into your long-term business goals
    • Add ongoing value by assisting in planning and implementing your IT budget
    • Keep in regular contact with you for purposes of accountability and to address any concerns or queries that may come up
    • Current Technology Assessment
    • Monthly Interface Meeting
    • Quarterly Service Review
    • Backup Review
    • Hardware Life-cycle Management
    • Sensitive Data Review
    • Business Continuity Planning
Technology officer

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