When purchasing hardware for our clients, Application Technology chooses only brand name hardware and Software.

Brand-name computer hardware offers the following vital advantages:

Superior quality products, long-term guarantees, effective support services and consistent stock availability.

These advantages save a company from unnecessary downtime due to hardware malfunctions that are not properly repaired as a result of low levels of support and minimal or no guarantees.

We have specifically chosen IBM and Lenovo as the brand names of our choice because of the superior quality of their products (Servers, Laptops & Desktops) and support.

Don’t put your company at risk by purchasing no name brands, which do not come with the same level of support and guarantee that brand names do.

  • Consistent Stock Availability
  • Readily available spare parts
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Onsite Hardware Support
  • 3 to 5 year warranties

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